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Biocoenosis Envirotech is a partnership firm based at Cochin established to provide services in the field of Environmental Engineering and Environmental Management. The company has been formed with the enormous support of the Academicians, Industrialists, Service Personals and other renowned experienced personals worked in the field of Environmental Science and Technology.

What we are intended to do:

We believe that nature has already set up greatest engineering for protection of the environment but its human who imbalanced the process. So we are focused on supporting nature to regain the momentum by providing world class services in water, air and solid waste management so that a sustainable future is achievable.

How do we do that?

Our mission is to become world’s most respected company in the environmental engineering and management sector by adopting world class technologies and methodologies thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. We do no compromise with quality of our services and strive for continual improvement of the systems and practices we follow which in turn will reward a better environment to live for.

Accountability being a core characteristic of our work philosophy, our business approach adopts best practices towards fulfilling vital customer needs in a responsible manner. The customer has always been at the centre of our business and we are constantly expanding our ways of reaching out to them to understand their needs and aspirations. Passion for delivering with excellence always motivates us to come up with high quality services to ensure satisfaction of customers.


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